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Lexy Lu Designs in the "Hybrid Mom 100" Holiday Gift Guide

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The Japanese love Lexy Lu!

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December 28th - Hats Off! Alexandria mom builds booming hat business

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October 28th - Lexy Lu Hats

Keep your little one's head and ears warm with these adorable handmade hats. Made from a cuddly microfleece they're topped with colorful grosgrain ribbons.

October 10th - Hatís Off to Lexy Lu

I must admit I love cute hats on little kids, in fact I just love cute hats and wish that I had the face structure to pull off all the fashionable ladies hats that are so hot and chic right now. I envy the bone structure of my sister-in-law who can put any kind of hat-like creature on her head and look like a super model. Thankfully with the sweet ribbon hats by Lexy Lu each and every kid I have seen in them looks totally adorable. In the cold north where my family lives, the winters are bitterly cold and last many many months of the year, a great winter hat is an essential piece of your wardrobe. But how do you find a great looking hat for your children that is fun, fashionable and warm as well? Simply check out the bevy of designs a Lexy Lu. The designer of Lexy Lu was frustrated with the lack of warm but wonderful hats for her own children, she desired something whimsical and magical that her children would enjoy wearingÖthatís how the Lexy Lu Ribbon Hat was born. What I love about the hats is the warm cozy quality fleece with the sparkling topper of beautiful ribbons out of the top. These hats are simple but oh so fun! My little son Brigs slept with his Lexy Lu hat for the next three days after they arrived, his favorite was the camel hat. Lexy Lu hats are for both Boys and Girls and come in every color and combination you could desire, from Dinosaurs to Toile they really have a great selection. You can purchase Lexy Lu Ribbon Hats from a huge list of distributors, etailers and stores across the nation, you can also buy on their website at Lexy Lu Dot Com. No matter what your bone structure your little kid is going to look precious in Lexy Lu Ribbon Hats, now if they only made womens hats I may have found a hat I could actually pull off!! Hatís off to Lexy Lu, the solution for those chilly days when looking cute is just as essential as keeping warm. - Daria

October 1st - Top off your Tot with a hat by Lexy Lu Designs

With cooler weather right around the corner, Mackenzie and I decided to prep for winter with a quick fashion show. I topped off her look with the most adorable fleece hat by Lexy Lu Designs. Mackenzie loved the hat and kept it on! Hopefully, she'll be into keeping it on when it is 28 degrees outside! These ultra cozy fleece hats are topped off with colorful grosgrain ribbons to give your tot a real stylish flair. Over 11 designs to choose from with a very reasonable price for a stylish item Mackenzie will likely wear every day this winter.

September 19th - Adorable girls hats from Lexy Lu!

Hey Moms of girls: you can buy these new, cute hats made by Lexy Lu for your hip little chick on the Hip Chicks Boutique. These are great little hats as we enter the cold weather: the hat itself is made of a soft fleece, and the top is embellished with adorable grosgrain ribbons. Each hat ranges in price from $18-22, use coupon code LexyLu in the comments section of the website to receive 10% off and free shipping.

August 30th - Hat Trick

Sure it's still hot outside, but the stores are filling up with fall clothes - and they're going fast. Time to start thinking about outfitting your family for the cool weather ahead. You may crave the earth tones of autumn, but your kids are probably not giving up on the bright candy colors they love all year long. Toasty handmade hats from newcomer Lexy Lu is a way to give your kids their hot pinks, lime greens and bright blues. (Makes 'em easier to spot on the playground too.) Available in sizes from newborn to six years, color combinations range from bright blue and toile, to preppy pink and green, and trendy blue and chocolate. These super-soft fleece creations are all topped with a generous spray of grosgrain ribbons in complementary colors, or printed jacquard ribbons in cool patterns like whales, bees, palm trees and chocolate shakes, adding a touch of whimsy to this winter staple. Once the cold grey weather hits and little ears start getting chilly, you'll be ready with a cheerful splash of color and style. Just the thing to keep them warm while you're out shopping for spring and summer styles - in February.

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