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Lexy Lu Designs was started because I needed hats for my son and daughter. After fruitless attempts searching local children's boutiques and online retailers, I took matters into my own hands and turned to my sewing machine and leftover ribbons.

I was frustrated with the lack of cute hats on the market. There were plenty of ways to keep their heads warm, but nothing that said 'fun; functional; fashionable'. I wanted to find a winter hat with a little bit of style and a little bit of whimsy. The Lexy Lu ribbon hat was born!

I was quickly overwhelmed by the public response! We can not walk down a street without getting numerous comments on how cute the hats are on the kids. They brought smiles to so many people; I decided I needed to go into business.

I had left a high-tech consulting career, with Bearing Point in 2002, to stay home with my children. While I loved consulting, it left little room for imagination. I always knew when I went back to work I wanted to integrate my business "know-how" with my creative spirit. The Lexy Lu hat provided the perfect opportunity to put both to use. Lexy Lu was launched and compliments continue...


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